About Me

becca stickler

Hello! I’m Becca, and I’m a freelance writer & content marker based in Harrisburg, PA.

I’ve loved to read and write since I first learned how — so much that I used to get in trouble in my elementary school math classes for attempting to discreetly read books hidden under my desk. Roughly a decade later, it was a natural choice for me to major in English, and after a semester of contributing to my college’s newspaper, I added a second major in journalism.

I’m also a highly analytical person (INTJ!) and as I researched my career options, I was drawn to digital content both because of its ability to reach and connect with people all over the world, as well as its potential for clear analysis and data-backed evaluation. I started my career in content marketing shortly after graduation, and have been managing the content strategy for a digital marketing agency since February 2015.

Working in this type of role has taught me how powerful online content can be at driving real change. Though there’s already a seemingly endless amount of content online, compelling copy has the power to catch readers’ attention, inspire them to see things in a new way, and push them to take action.

I love writing about sustainable, ethical business because I’m passionate about environmental protection and I believe that sharing information in an engaging way is the best way for me to make a difference. I enjoy informing other consumers about the impact of their choices and encouraging them to live more consciously, as well as supporting and promoting brands and companies with ethical, eco-friendly business practices.